I’ve Got Some Things to Say by Romelu Lukaku

„I wanted to be the best footballer in Belgian history. That was my goal. Not good. Not great. The best. I played with so much anger, because of a lot of things … because of the rats running around in our apartment … because I couldn’t watch the Champions League … because of how the other parents used to look at me.

I was on a mission.“



A TED Talk about Vulnerability

I love TED talks and wish every single time I see one that I was able to give such a good speech (I know, it‘s practice, practice, practise) and that I could memorize all the intelligent things these people tell me.


This TED talk is not one of these typical business themed ones. It is about vulnerability. And the good thing about it. Just watch it here: https://www.inc.com/john-nemo/the-ted-talk-i-cant-stop-watching.html



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