Eat your Greens – Fact based thinking to improve your brand‘s health

Gerade lese ich mal wieder ein Buch, herausgegeben von der APG: Eat your Greens.

Spannende Autoren sind mit dabei: Mark Ritson, Byron Sharp, Tom Goodwin oder auch Faris Yakob.


Offizielle Beschreibung:

„How can we sell more, to more people, and for more money?

The marketing world is awash with myths, misconceptions, dubious metrics and tactics that bear little relation to our actual buying behaviour.

Eat Your Greens is inspired by the genuine advances in marketing science. It challenges us to change the way we think, by taking the huge body of knowledge gained from data and technology and applying the best evidence based thinking to the practice of marketing and communications.

The papers are written by some of most respected practitioners in the industry, offering a diverse range of perspectives on how to do more effective marketing, and with an intellectual generosity of spirit from which we can all profit.

The book is curated by Wiemer Snijders, partner at Commercial Works.“

Eat your Greens

A TED Talk about Vulnerability

I love TED talks and wish every single time I see one that I was able to give such a good speech (I know, it‘s practice, practice, practise) and that I could memorize all the intelligent things these people tell me.


This TED talk is not one of these typical business themed ones. It is about vulnerability. And the good thing about it. Just watch it here:



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