How to make a presentation make a point

Mark Pollard is the master in making a point. In this article he states for example when a slide in a presentation kickes it: When it

  • Makes a point
  • Proves a point
  • Helps people understand what to do about the point

I also liked this advice how to plan a presentation flow: „Take a piece of paper, divide it into boxes, then take a thick black marker and write your story with one sentence per box and so that the story makes sense on this one page.“

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You don’t need a 100-page strategic plan. Strategy is actually about making five specific choices.

Roger L. Martin says in this article: The first thing to keep in mind about strategy is that it is not all that complex. You should keep it simple and always remember that, put simply, strategy is about choices. After years of working closely with leaders of large corporations, I have come to the conclusion that strategy is actually about a set of five choices that must be made:


1.  What is our winning aspiration?
2. Where will we play?
3. How will we win?
4. What capabilities must be in place?
5. What management systems are required?



Unilever’s Keith Weed on why FMCG is like a ‘heat-seeking missile’

Unilevers CMO Keith Weed is making a great point about FMCG being a great training ground for marketeers due to it’s fast market pace and immediate response to marketing communications.


Secondly he speaks about the power of media and the power of good creatives in a world that demands more content than ever before and what that means for content production:


Unilever’s Keith Weed on why FMCG is like a ‘heat-seeking missile’