A simple solution to a complicated problem

„The problem, of course, is that it’s not sexy (no offence, Mark). It doesn’t involve any tech wizardry and it won’t be talked about at all the cool conferences. It doesn’t even include an acronym, FFS.
And that’s why it won’t appeal to everyone. As Dave Trott once said: “complicated seems clever to stupid people”. But smart marketers will embrace the simplicity of Mark’s approach, if they haven’t already.“

The Tragic Horizon: Resisting Marketing’s Drift Towards The Business Of Value Destruction by Martin Weigel

„(The focus in short term activations) It’s value-destruction because:

  • With the exception of direct response advertising, most advertising simply does not pay back in the short term
  • The creation of what Binet and Field call “associations”, Sharp calls “memory structures” and Williamson calls “empires of the mind” takes time. And it’s these memories that sustain salience and preference.
  • Most people aren’t “in the market” for anything most of the time (Sharp).
  • These memories work by supporting prices not just by driving volumes or share. And as Binet and Field have demonstrated, pricing effects are slower to crystallise than volume effects.
  • Half of advertising’s effects will crystallise more than a year later (ebquity).
  • As Andy Farr has noted, “investors will pay a premium for companies with strong brands. They are not paying for past earnings: what they are paying for is the promise of future profits leading to dividend and share-price growth.”


Reebok is introducing a completely vegan line of sneakers made from corn

Reebok is introducing a completely vegan line of sneakers made from corn:

Reebok Introduces Compostable Vegan Sneakers

Reebok is introducing a completely vegan line of sneakers made from corn

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Mein Tag beginnt mit dem Tagesspiegel Checkpoint

Noch bevor ich Spiegel Online, Facebook & Co. öffne, starte ich morgens meinen Tag mit dem Tagesspiegel Checkpoint von Chefredakteur Lorenz Maroldt:


Der Tagesspiegel Checkpoint


Übrigens: Der Newsletter “Tagesspiegel Checkpoint” wurde mit dem renommierten Grimme Online Award 2015 ausgezeichnet. Die Jury urteilte: “Pflichtlektüre – für Leser über Berlins Grenzen hinweg. Knallharte Einordnung trifft Berliner Schnauze.”

Dem kann ich mich absolut anschließen!


Hier könnt ihr ihn bestellen.


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The hard thing about hard things von Ben Horowitz

The hard thing about hard things von Ben Horowitz

Das Buch „The hard thing about hard things: Building a business when there are no easy answers“ war ein Augenöffner für mich – Danke für die Buchempfehlung, Ulrike.


Auch wenn ihr gerade kein Startup gründet oder (noch) keine CEO seid, könnt ihr viel von ihm lernen, vieles verstehen und vieles aus eurem täglichen Erleben in den richtigen Bezug setzen.