How Reese Witherspoon Took Charge of Her Career and Changed Hollywood

Cindy Gallop said:

When I say, men get hired, promoted and funded on potential; women get hired, promoted and funded on proof, and not even then – THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. ‚

„I was in this position where I was making studios a lot of money, and I had for years and years, and they didn’t take me seriously as a filmmaker. Somehow, they didn’t think that 25 years of experience could add up to some inherent knowledge of what movies work and how to keep them on budget,“ Reese Witherspoon says, before adding: „And you think about the kind of guys who come out of Sundance and get gigantic jobs off of one, like, ‚Oh, I see the potential.‘ „

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Why You Must Accept the Harsh Truth That Nobody Cares and You Need to Work Harder

One of the biggest tests of leadership is how you act in times of setbacks and adversity. Some of us beam, some buckle (but hold), others break. What makes tough times even tougher is that there’s often an element of unfairness to it. Maybe somebody has wronged you, a circumstance has occurred over which you have no control, the system is inherently biased against you, or others are getting preferential treatment.

The Original Fyre Festival Pitch Deck

This is the original Fyre Festival Pitch Deck:

Especially interesting to read after watching the Netflix documentary about it which you can find here:

A simple solution to a complicated problem

„The problem, of course, is that it’s not sexy (no offence, Mark). It doesn’t involve any tech wizardry and it won’t be talked about at all the cool conferences. It doesn’t even include an acronym, FFS.
And that’s why it won’t appeal to everyone. As Dave Trott once said: “complicated seems clever to stupid people”. But smart marketers will embrace the simplicity of Mark’s approach, if they haven’t already.“

The Tragic Horizon: Resisting Marketing’s Drift Towards The Business Of Value Destruction by Martin Weigel

„(The focus in short term activations) It’s value-destruction because:

  • With the exception of direct response advertising, most advertising simply does not pay back in the short term
  • The creation of what Binet and Field call “associations”, Sharp calls “memory structures” and Williamson calls “empires of the mind” takes time. And it’s these memories that sustain salience and preference.
  • Most people aren’t “in the market” for anything most of the time (Sharp).
  • These memories work by supporting prices not just by driving volumes or share. And as Binet and Field have demonstrated, pricing effects are slower to crystallise than volume effects.
  • Half of advertising’s effects will crystallise more than a year later (ebquity).
  • As Andy Farr has noted, “investors will pay a premium for companies with strong brands. They are not paying for past earnings: what they are paying for is the promise of future profits leading to dividend and share-price growth.”


How to make a presentation make a point

Mark Pollard is the master in making a point. In this article he states for example when a slide in a presentation kickes it: When it

  • Makes a point
  • Proves a point
  • Helps people understand what to do about the point

I also liked this advice how to plan a presentation flow: „Take a piece of paper, divide it into boxes, then take a thick black marker and write your story with one sentence per box and so that the story makes sense on this one page.“

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Weltwirtschaftsforum: Kaum Fortschritte bei Gleichberechtigung

„Mehr denn je können es Gesellschaften sich nicht leisten, auf die Fähigkeiten, Ideen und Perspektiven der Hälfte der Menschheit zu verzichten“, kommentierte WEF-Gründer Klaus Schwab den Bericht. Nur mit Teilhabe der Frauen lasse sich das Versprechen einer wohlhabenderen und menschlich orientierten Zukunft umsetzen.



You don’t need a 100-page strategic plan. Strategy is actually about making five specific choices.

Roger L. Martin says in this article: The first thing to keep in mind about strategy is that it is not all that complex. You should keep it simple and always remember that, put simply, strategy is about choices. After years of working closely with leaders of large corporations, I have come to the conclusion that strategy is actually about a set of five choices that must be made:


1.  What is our winning aspiration?
2. Where will we play?
3. How will we win?
4. What capabilities must be in place?
5. What management systems are required?



Mindshare Hamburg stellt sich mit Sonja Königsberg an der Spitze neu auf

Das Media-Network Mindshare stärkt seine Dependance im Norden Deutschlands: Seit 1. August 2018 führt Sonja Königsberg als Head of Mindshare Hamburg die Geschicke der Agentur. Von dort aus betreuen knapp 20 Mitarbeiter in der Beratung Kunden wie Unilever, Center-Parcs, Deliveroo, Kimberly-Clark und Upfield. Als neue Standortleiterin übernimmt Sonja Königsberg gleichzeitig den Client Lead für den Media-Etat von Unilever in Deutschland.önigsberg-der-spitze-neu-auf

Media agencies have a problem of their own making and they don’t even realise it

Is there a disconnect with „modern mainstream“? Yes. But not only in media agencies. Creative agencies and clients struggle as well in my opinion: We all live in the same filter bubble.



P. S.: I´m the only mother in our agency in Hamburg and I am one of two colleagues over 40.

Eat your Greens – Fact based thinking to improve your brand‘s health

Gerade lese ich mal wieder ein Buch, herausgegeben von der APG: Eat your Greens.

Spannende Autoren sind mit dabei: Mark Ritson, Byron Sharp, Tom Goodwin oder auch Faris Yakob.


Offizielle Beschreibung:

„How can we sell more, to more people, and for more money?

The marketing world is awash with myths, misconceptions, dubious metrics and tactics that bear little relation to our actual buying behaviour.

Eat Your Greens is inspired by the genuine advances in marketing science. It challenges us to change the way we think, by taking the huge body of knowledge gained from data and technology and applying the best evidence based thinking to the practice of marketing and communications.

The papers are written by some of most respected practitioners in the industry, offering a diverse range of perspectives on how to do more effective marketing, and with an intellectual generosity of spirit from which we can all profit.

The book is curated by Wiemer Snijders, partner at Commercial Works.“

Eat your Greens

Reebok is introducing a completely vegan line of sneakers made from corn

Reebok is introducing a completely vegan line of sneakers made from corn:

Reebok Introduces Compostable Vegan Sneakers

Reebok is introducing a completely vegan line of sneakers made from corn

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I’ve Got Some Things to Say by Romelu Lukaku

„I wanted to be the best footballer in Belgian history. That was my goal. Not good. Not great. The best. I played with so much anger, because of a lot of things … because of the rats running around in our apartment … because I couldn’t watch the Champions League … because of how the other parents used to look at me.

I was on a mission.“

Unilever’s Keith Weed on why FMCG is like a ‘heat-seeking missile’

Unilevers CMO Keith Weed is making a great point about FMCG being a great training ground for marketeers due to it’s fast market pace and immediate response to marketing communications.


Secondly he speaks about the power of media and the power of good creatives in a world that demands more content than ever before and what that means for content production:


Unilever’s Keith Weed on why FMCG is like a ‘heat-seeking missile’