Navigating Innovation

Navigating Innovation
Navigating Innovation by 383 Project

„Innovation is hard. Many businesses set up initiatives to appear innovative by experimenting with new high profile technology, as opposed to actually being innovative by developing a strategy that responds to customer needs, technology and the market.“



That sentence stroke me as I have experienced „innovation theatre“ quite often in my professional life. While being full of magic, glitter and unicorns these initiatives lack focus on what really matters: The customer and longterm business  value. For me it was always challenging  to fully embrace those innovation theatre ideas as I have the strong belief that true innovation is not using the latest gadgets but daring to question old paths and reinventing the customer experience.



In this guide, 383 examines what exactly is meant by ‘innovation’, how to ensure your organisation is ready to navigate what can be a difficult and often misunderstood process, and explore how a leading UK train company managed to create an industry-leading startup collaboration initiative to great success.



Download the guide here and start innovating 🙂


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