🚀 Crafting the Perfect Media Mix: A Strategic Guide 🚀

Sonja Königsberg

As a media consultant, I often get asked about the secret sauce behind a successful media mix. As you all might know there is no magic or secret sauce, but real handcraft and following these steps to develop the perfect media mix as the heart of your media strategy:

🔍 Audience Insights Matter:
– Understand your audience and their preferences.
– Identify the platforms and channels they use and in what intensity.
– If your target audience does not use a channel, kick it out.

🎯 Align with your Campaign Objectives:
– Ensure each channel serves your specific campaign goal.
– If it doesn’t serve your overall campaign goal, kick it out.

💰 Budget Allocation:
– Each media channel costs differently.
– Unfortunately it often happens that a channel has very high usage figures in the target audience and also contributes perfectly to the campaign objective, but is unfortunately far too expensive.
– If this is the case, kick it out.

💡 Diversify Your Channels:
– Explore a mix of traditional and digital channels.
– Three is the magic number, says the IPA, who analyzed 1.000+ case studies.
– What they mean is that the highest ROI is achieved with 3 different channels in the mix.
– So do not spread too little investment between too many channels, kick some of them out.

📊 Data-Driven Decision Making:
– The best case is if you have own data from previous campaigns you can learn from.
– This might seem too simple but you would be surprised how often it happens that brands do not use their own learnings to enhance their future campaign performance!

🌐 Global vs. Local Impact:
– This one is for all my colleagues working in multi-national or global companies with a centralized media approach: Consider the geographical relevance of each channel.
– Every market is different and so you should consider geographical or country-specific features.

🔄 Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation:
– And if you have activated your strategy: Do not miss to regularly evaluate the performance of each channel.
– Be ready to adapt your media mix based on evolving trends and performances.
– It is continuous learning. Remember, the right media mix is a dynamic blend that evolves with your campaign and audience.

❓Would you add another important point?

And if you are too deep in the data yourself and need support finding clarity again in order to tailor a media mix that propels your brand to new heights: Let’s talk, I can help! 🚀