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  • 👩‍🎤Design for the attitude, but deliver to the collective 🙋‍♀️

    There are a few principles to consider when finding the right comms strategy for your brand, and I know you’ve all been there: Your CEO says: „I want a campaign that delivers growth!“ Your brand team answers: „We know our target audience and we need to develop a campaign that targets them accurately. Let’s be…

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  • 📺 Licht, Kamera, Wachstum: Warum TV-Werbung der neue heiße Scheiß ist

    Ich muss immer schmunzeln, wenn Startups eine Delle in ihrer Wachstumskurve bemerken und plötzlich die Magie des TVs als Wachstumstreiber entdecken. 😄 Tja, manchmal muss man eben der Realität ins Auge sehen! 📈 Johannes Kliesch von SNOCKS im OMR-Podcast: „TV ist irgendwie für uns der neue heiße Scheiß“. -> Link in den Kommentaren. Die große…

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  • 🚀 Crafting the Perfect Media Mix: A Strategic Guide 🚀

    As a media consultant, I often get asked about the secret sauce behind a successful media mix. As you all might know there is no magic or secret sauce, but real handcraft and following these steps to develop the perfect media mix as the heart of your media strategy: 🔍 Audience Insights Matter:– Understand your…

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