✖️Stop Thinking Like an Employee (if you are a Freelancer)

Sonja Königsberg

When I made the leap from employee to freelancer, I realised something crucial: Success depends on a complete change of mindset. So instead of thinking like an employee I needed to adopt a business owner mindset. Three examples what I mean by that:

▪️ Vision Over Task
Thinking beyond my daily tasks. I envision where I want my business to be in the future. This long-term thinking drives my motivation (a lot!!!) and guides my decision making.

▪️ Value Proposition
Defining and refining what makes my services unique is something I think about every single day. Whether it’s working as an Interim Manager, developing media strategies, leading pitches or running workshops, I focus on delivering unmatched value. Leading my projects, clients and myself, being proactive, taking ownership, and consistently delivering excellence is what I try to achieve.

▪️ Solution Focused
Always focusing on solutions, not just problems. Business owners don’t just think about the money – we identify needs and build solutions to meet them. Listening to and understanding my clients‘ needs is critical to creating these effective solutions and driving innovation.

I am sure there is much more!
Have you experienced a mindset shift in your career? Perhaps while transitioning into your first leadership role? I’d love to hear about it!

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